Editing the Invisible - VFX in the Avid

Filmplus Masterclass with Tim Squyres

Editing digital VFX effects has become a daily challenge for many editors in all feature film genres. Highly acclaimed American film editor Tim Squyres, who has  been nominated for two Oscars for his work, has edited groundbreaking films in which a wide variety of visual effects are omniprensent like "Life of Pi". Squyres will present the special challenges and his way of working in this field that developed over the last years to professional film editors in our International Master Class. The participants will work with actual dailies from one of his latest movies in the practical part of this workshop that also includes topics like previsualization and performing temporary compositions in the Avid.

The workshop language is English.
Maximum number of participants: 10

October 25, 2019 //10am-6pm
Location: ifs internationale filmschule köln, Schanzenstraße 28, 51063 Köln
Lecturer: Tim Squyres